I mean that very sincerely.

by sketem

Remember the good old days when you could grab a woman by her pussy? Ah remember when Ah came back from Vietnam; Ah grabbed the first pussy Ah saw by the fluff, and told it, Ah know you’re burning’ for that mah father thing like a napalm carpet!

Then Ah sat down my gran’son some time back and said, Son, we need to have a tawk. Like a grown-men tawk between a granpa and a gran’son.

Have ya, Son, Ah said, ever grabbed a pussy yet? Ah remember when Ah grabbed mah first pussy. But, Son, ya gotta use these con-domms, right? Otherwise ya’ll get yaself into tremendous trouble when ya grab a pussy bare, without one of these con-domms. Things start poppin’ out then, understand? There’s no end to it once it starts. Ya gotta be careful, Son, ’cause ya ain’t ever seen nothin’ like it in your life yet. It’s tremendously nasty then, so ya gotta be careful. 

But, Son, make sure it says yes once you grab it by the pussy. Because, Son, if it says yes, it’s OK. If it says no… Well, that’s when you’re sure it really, really means yes; it really wants it, then. But it never hurts to ask, Son. After all, Son, we ain’t no Mexicans, are we…